Burger Burger

Although Vancouver is not known for its great burger joints, I have had some decent ones lately. But it seems that good burgers come at a price. It appears that gourmet burgers will set you back $10 or more these days. However, I heard about this place in New Westminster that serves up pretty decent burgers at bargain prices. This place is Burger Burger. Yes, the name is not very original. It's like calling a Japanese restaurant "Sushi Sushi" or a Chinese restaurant "MSG MSG". Let's get this out of the way first. Burger Burger is a dive. Yes, it's got no ambiance and the only decor you'll find here is a lonely white framed print on the wall. Yet, there must be some compromises when you can get a 2-topping burger, home-cut fries and a soda for $5.69. Yes, this is not a typo, it's a complete meal for under $6. You would be hard pressed to even get that price at McDonald's.

I went for the Mushroom Cheeseburger (4 oz.) and picked out a Coke Zero. Yes, that is my futile attempt to make this meal a bit more calorie and fat friendly. After I put in my order and paid at the front counter, I took a seat to soak in the ambiance. Thank goodness my food showed up quickly, because the ambiance was probably soaking me in. When the burger and fries arrived, something felt familiar with it. Large irregular thin patty? Special sauce looks like Thousand Islands? Soft fluffy bun? Place run by a Korean couple? Wait a minute! This seems a lot like a Wally Burger! Yes, the same Wally's that used to be a Kingsway institution. Sadly, it closed down a while ago. Could it be? Wally's reincarnated here in New West? (*edit* it's not Wally's, they have actually reopened at Cates Park).

One bite into the burger and I was pleasantly surprised. Although the meat was thin, it was moist. The bun was soft and so easy to eat. There were plenty of freshly sauteed mushrooms smothered by a slice of processed cheese. Even though the burger would not compare with Moderne Burger, Vera's, Fatburger or Burger Heaven, it still held it's own. For the price I paid, it was a really good burger. Moreover, the fries were fantastic. The fresh cut fries (I saw the bucket of them) are very similar to those you find at Moderne Burger. Probably not as good; yet again, for the price, I'm not complaining. If you are ever out in New West, I'm seriously encouraging you to try Burger Burger. It's not Burger Heaven, but for more than half the price, it's definitely a very good value.

The Good:
- Burgers and fries are surprisingly good
- Very friendly couple that runs the place
- Excellent value

The Bad:
- It's a dive, but what do you expect when you pay so little?
- Have an option for real cheese as a surcharge

Burger Burger
340 6th Street
New Westminster

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