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I often wonder why some restaurants do not get it. Why do they charge ridiculous prices for very little food. Yes, food quality is a consideration; however, you really want to go away feeling satisfied and full. And honestly, I'm not even talking about fine dining. That's another topic altogether. I had a discussion with Milhouse the other day and he explained that all he wants is not to be hungry after a meal. He's not looking to be stuffed; rather, just no longing for more. It brings me back to the Filet-O-Fish meal example. If I have to go get a Filet-O-Fish meal after I have already eaten, then I have not been satisfied. Today, I went to a place that truly personifies good portions, good quality and reasonable prices. That, my friends, is the winning formula for success. Again, for those who are confusing my rant with finer establishments, particularly in prime locations (ie. downtown), I am not referring them here.

On a recommendation from KDee, I travelled a fair distance to the Kwantlan College campus in Surrey. Across the street is Gulberg Tandoor & Donair. You might be asking why I drove so far to get a donair. Honestly, I was asking myself the same question. To my surprise, this was not a regular donair shop. Rather, the restaurant itself was quite spacious and the menu had more items than I expected. Yes, donairs were on the menu; but there was quite the variety. On the outside of the building, it advertises souvlaki and there is actually a picture of a burger on the awning. This is one diverse place. Multiculturalism at work here.

Since I was short on time, I had to get the items to go. I ordered the Chicken Tikka, which includes a chicken leg and salad. This was a tremendous deal at $3.99. I also ordered the large Chicken Donair for $5.99. It wasn't until I got back that I realized there was so much food for under $10.00. The donair was massive, packed with enough chicken for 2 donairs. Moreover, there were plenty of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce shoehorned into the donair. What I did next made it hard for me to eat the donair - I opened it up in the middle to take a picture. Oh well, the sacrifices I make for pictures! The one thing I can say about the donair is freshness. You could tell the ingredients were good quality and fresh. That would be the same for the chicken tikka. The salad was essentially the same tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce from the donair. The chicken was tender and flavourful without being salty.

The reason for all this talk of freshness is that Gulberg is not only a restaurant, it's a market right next door. Therefore, all their produce and meats are sourced in-house. I'm sure this also helps lower the cost as well. I really wish restaurants would clue in that volume can be a money-maker; rather than charging more in the hopes of taking in more profit. Moreover, this way, the food stays fresh since the turnover is high. Ultimately, Gulberg qualifies as another hidden gem where you can find good, fresh eats at very reasonable prices.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Food is both plentiful and good
- Everything is fresh

The Bad:
- Identity problem, what kind of restaurant is this?

Business Hours:
11:00am - 9:00pm (7 days a week)

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