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I have a love hate relationship with T & T, I really do. Of course it's a good one-stop shop for all your Asian products, meats and produce. Moreover, they have bakery items, cooked food, Vietnamese products, Korean banchan, BBQ, Dim Sum and sushi available. This is where I have the love hate relationship. Whenever a place tries to be all things to everyone, it's always going to be a bit mediocre. My experiences with T & T pastries have been quite negative. There is something amiss with their products. It's not like they're not inedible; but there is something about them that does not add up. This can be said about much of the other items too, including their sushi. It's just not authentic. Same with the Vietnamese and Korean items. Again, they're edible, but not my first or even second choice. That brings me to the cooked items. They certainly look the part; yet inevitably, they taste a bit off.

Today, I was really out of options, I decided to get takeout from T & T. I went for the 4-item combo with soup and rice for $6.99. The four items I chose were Fried Shrimp in the Shell, Honey Garlic Spareribs, Fried Bean Curd Roll and Stir-Fried Broccoli and Cauliflower. Honestly, this is a pretty decent deal for so much food. Mind you, I much prefer the food at Kent's Kitchen for roughly the same price. But that is assuming you are near a Kent's Kitchen. What T & T has going for them is convenience. I rushed back to work with my food and if you look at the picture, there is a good amount of food in the Styrofoam container. This is where quantity trumps quality. The fried shrimp were not executed very well. Normally, the shell is fried to the point where I can actually eat it. Not the case here. If I did, I would've probably cut up my mouth. Also, there was practically no flavour. This can be said about the spareribs. Not sweet enough and no real garlic taste. Moreover, the ribs were mostly bone, no meat either. Mind you, the bean curd and veggies were pretty decent. The broccoli and cauliflower were not overcooked or over seasoned.

One item I did not get was the Sweet and Sour Pork because from my many past experiences, it's neither sweet or sour. It's just fried pork with a flavourless red sauce on it. For what it's worth, T & T will never win any awards for their food; but it is a convenient one-stop shop. Despite what I think, there are people who like them because T & T always seems to be busy and full of people.

The Good:
- Convenient
- Lots of choice
- Competitive prices

The Bad:
- It's trying to be good, but never really achieves it
- Actually some items are just terrible (at least in my opinion)

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