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My favourite burger in terms of cost/quality ratio, hands down, is In-N-Out Burger. Sadly, the closest location resides in Redding, California. Talk about a drive for some burgers! What makes it so good? Quite simple actually. Fresh ingredients, including fresh patties and freshly cut fries to order, at a very reasonable price. For a fast food chain, they have got the formula down right. There is nothing remotely close to that in Vancouver. Well, Five Guys just opened up in West Van and that could possibly be somewhat close. Now another In-N-Out wannabe begins to open up shop for real on Friday, May 21st. Located in the former beer storage room of now the defunct Malone's (now Local Public Eatery) comes Nimby Burger. A venture by the good people at Joey Restaurants, they try to use the same formula as In-n-Out. I was planning to check the place out on its grand opening date; but I was a little impatient. When I discovered that they were doing test runs all week, I though that it would be a great opportunity for me to give it go. But it seemed that their operating times were very random. While getting a haircut prior to my softball game, I noticed a tweet that they were doing more tests at that very moment.

Once my haircut was done, I hightailed it outta there and made my way to Kits. Located near the corner of Yew and Cornwall, you will easily miss it since it's an extremely small outfit. However, you won't miss the abundance of staff in their ultra-clean white unis with a big Nimby Burger logo on the front. I parked the car and headed over. I decided on the Dooblay, Fries and a Diet Coke (yah, to somewhat temper the guilt...). How much did it cost me? Nada. It's free during their test week up until their grand opening on May 21st! Score! Most people waiting for their food were quite happy with that fact. Great PR move in my books. While I was waiting, I noticed that they were cutting their fries as orders came in. They were testing out Russet potatoes after trying out Yukon Gold the week prior. As with some other fast food restaurants, the prep counter is temperature-controlled to keep the burgers warm while being dressed. It was really too bad that the milkshake machine was not up, so I didn't get to try it.

So what about the burger? Well, a Dooblay is essentially a double cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and pickles. Other than that, only other choices are a hamburger and cheeseburger. They keep it simple here, just like In-N-Out. Now, if you look at the picture, the burger is served exactly like In-N-Out. But how does it compare? Well, it was pretty good. I like the toasted bun, it was soft, yet dense enough to hold everything together. I thought the beef was cooked up nicely without being dry. It wasn't super juicy; but for it's thickness, that wouldn't be possible anyways. With plenty of cheese and fresh crisp veggies (pickles were good), the burger was a pleasant eat. It's hard to compare with In-n-Out since I haven't had one for over half a year; yet, I can't deny that this one was good. On my original visit, the "test" fries were terrible. However on a random visit (albeit they treated me to the fries), the fries improved immensely. Now using Kennebec potatoes, they are crispy, light and well-salted. These are now comparable with those at In-N-Out. As I was there on a sunny weekend afternoon, they were doing brisk business. With a killer location and a relatively reasonable price tag for the area, Nimby should do pretty well.

The Good:
- Simple and focused menu
- Fresh everything (loved the pickles)
- Excellent location for the beach crowd

The Bad:
- It's strictly takeout, so you'll need to take it to the beach (which is good on a sunny day)

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