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Although breakfast can usually be easily made at home, I often find myself in a restaurant munching on scrambled eggs. It could be that I like to eat out... Duh... Hey, there are a multitude of reasons we go out for breakfast. Places like Bon's off Broadway are just plain cheap while brunching at the Pan Pacific can be seen as extravagant. Price, location and venue - whatever the reason may be, doing breakfast or brunch at a restaurant does have its charm. When my son declared he wanted breakfast for dinner the other night, I had promised to take him out for breakfast in the morning (generally when breakfast is eaten). However, back in my University days, breakfast was whenever we were hungry, especially when you could have it anytime at Denny's.

Seeing how there is a coupon in the Entertainment Book, it seemed like a good idea to give the Tipper a try even though some of their prices seemed a bit high. We decided to get one breakfast each with the kiddies sharing an order. For myself, I went for the Big Breakfast which includes 2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 strips of bacon, 2 slices of toast, hashbrowns and 1 French toast. I though most of the items were prepared decently. The sunny side eggs were as such, the toast was crunchy, sausages not overcooked (despite the split-fry method, which I'm not a big fan of) and bacon crispy. I didn't like the hashbrowns, they were limp, oily and not crispy at all. Same with the French toast, it was sad looking being quite pale and possibly in need of a bit more egg.

Viv went for the most expensive breakfast on the menu which was Buffalo Joe's Special at $13.99. Resembling a scramble or hash, it consisted of a buffalo patty, eggs, peppers and mushrooms topped with chipotle ketchup and feta. Hashbrowns and toast rounded out the dish. The lean meat made for non-oily eats, which was a good thing. The chipotle ketchup gave a slight kick to the scramble; but personally, I would've liked even more heat (Tobasco anyone?). Although it was not bad, the price tag is dangerously close to fine dining breakfast options. The kiddies shared the Nutella French Toast. The concept for this dish was good; yet the execution was a bit lacking. Once again, the French toast was a bit plain. So the toppings should make the dish. However, there was a bit too much Nutella which really overwhelmed the strawberries. To be fair, this was still a decent breakfast; but at $11.89, a little pricey.

Once again, I'm torn. The breakfast as a whole was pleasant despite some issues. Moreover, the service was very friendly and welcoming. But I cannot get over the prices. Sure, we picked the 2 most expensive items on the menu; yet we still felt it didn't warrant the pricing considering the venue and location. I'm curious to see if lunch or dinner works out to be a better value because even with the Entertainment coupon, the bill came out to $33.00 without tip.

The Good:
- Personable service
- Generally carefully prepared food
- It's got an interesting vibe

The Bad:
- Pricey for what you get
- Some food execution issues

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