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Randomly, I get a call from Rich Guy. He had his brother on the line and he wanted to speak with me. Strange, I don't get many calls from his brother, who by the way will be referred to as Richer Guy. Yah, he's got even more money than Rich Guy. Dude has got a Ferrari! Apparently, Richer Guy had visited this new gelato place located in the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Completely at random, he had stumbled upon it and scored some samples. He got so excited by the quality of the gelato, he just had to tell me about it. It so happened to be that we were dining nearby tonight. Thus, we headed down to meet Richer Guy across the street.

This happened to be the last testing day before their actual grand opening on June 25th. I was introduced to the owner, James, who attended the Italian Culinary Institute and advanced masterstraining at Carpigiani's Gelato University. This guy is serious about gelato! In fact, he is the first in North America to employ commercial gelato equipment which is used in Italy. The impressive equipment help keep the gelato rich by limiting the amount of air. Furthermore, every ingredient is fresh. Nothing is preprocessed or prepackaged. The result? The best damn freakin' gelato I've ever had. Since he was giving out free samples to random visitors, I tried almost all of them. The Gew├╝rztraminer Sorbetto really impressed my palate. Sweetened just enough, it felt like I was eating wine. That was also evident when I was trying out the Chocolate Fondent. It was like eating pure chocolate. The flavours are intense, the texture is smooth and the quality is obvious.

The store display is quite confusing to most people since you don't actually see the gelato. The reason for this is that if the gelato is exposed, it is compromised. So, everything is hidden under lids until it is time to scoop. There are 3 sizes - small ($4.95), medium ($5.95) and large ($6.95). Considering the care put into the creation of the gelato and sorbetto, the quality ingredients and the prime Downtown location, I find the prices to be extremely reasonable. In fact, these prices are comparable with popular places such as La Casa Gelato and Amato. However, they are not even remotely close to what Bella Gelateria can produce, in my opinion. It is not often I get blown away by anything, especially desserts (since I'm not a dessert person). But at this moment, the best gelato in town has got to be Bella Gelateria hands down.

The Good:
- Quality ingredients
- Made with care
- Reasonable pricing

The Bad:
- Mostly walk-up traffic, there is no parking here and if you get a spot, it'll cost you
- Limited flavours (which can be a good thing since it ensures quality control)

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