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Prior to our dinner at Michigan Noodle, we noticed a dessert place on the second floor of the same complex. With that in our subconsciousness, it was only a given we'd pay it a visit after wonton noodles. At first, we were tempted to try Twinkle, which is a few stores down from Michigan; however, it was completely empty. Call it the mob mentality effect, an empty restaurant doesn't instill much confidence. We quickly bypassed it and headed up the elevator to Dessert Kitchen. Despite the fact it looks quite spacious from the ground floor, it is actually a small place. Turns out there is another restaurant behind it. We were quickly seated and presented with menus. At first glance, it appeared that there was a wide selection of sweets ranging from Asian to Western. Ah, how looks are deceiving...

You see, Bear, Judes and Boss Woman all tried to order some items to share. Tofu Pudding? Nope, don't have it. Cheesecake? Try again. Chocolate Volcano??? No dice... WTF? While they were scratching their heads and trying to figure out a backup plan to their original backup plan, Milhouse went ahead and ordered the Banana Split. Yah, go figure, order that in a Chinese dessert shop. Well, it was a split with a twist. In addition to the banana, ice cream, whipped cream and fudge topping (dunno where the other 2 types of toppings went), the whole thing was sprinkled with Alpha Bits and Lucky Charms. Weird? Yes. Decent? Actually yes. Personally, I still prefer a traditional banana split though. I originally decided on the Almond Tofu Pudding. 10 minutes pass and the server informs me that they didn't have any! Do they have any desserts here??? They should call this place "Try Your Luck Dessert Kitchen" instead. Thus, I went for my backup, Grass Jelly with fresh fruit. I rolled the dice and held my breath... When it arrived, I felt I had actually won. What I got was a bowl of grass jelly with conjac, fresh watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, kiwi, dragon fruit, cantaloupe and canned lychees. This was a decent, if not unremarkable dessert. I liked that it wasn't too sweet though.

Finally, the other 3 got at least one dessert to start being the Tofu Pudding with black sesame. Well, not trying to be non-descriptive; but it was tofu pudding with black sesame... Now, they also ordered a second item being the Custard Thick Toast. It took quite a long time for it to arrive and it appeared that they gave it to the wrong table. Yup, they did give it to the wrong table and a simple toast became a 30-minute disaster. I must admit the server was very apologetic; but 30 minutes for toast is unacceptable. Furthermore, the toast was meh. It was bland. Might as well just eat plain toast. It's really too bad. If they could've scripted more screw-ups, there wouldn't be any room for it. I'm sure on a good day, Dessert Kitchen would be better. We just happen to hit them on the worst day possible.

The Good:
- Uh... I got my second choice? That's better than the 4th choice for the others
- You were expecting more?

The Bad:
- What's with the unavailable desserts?
- Maybe they should've considered taking the toast off the bill, it did take 30 minutes
- Very average

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