Pirate Pak Day @ White Spot

I'll admit it. I have a soft spot for White Spot. Ever since I got my first Pirate Pak and laid eyes on that chocolate doubloon, the scoop of melting ice cream, burger, fries and drink all laid out neatly in a paper ship, I've been a fan. Sure, there are much fancier burgers to be found in Vancouver nowadays; but I keep coming back to the "Spot" for their mayo, Triple-O ladened burgers. Now my son and daughter have the same love for the paper pirate ship; although my son only opts for either the mac 'n cheese or grilled cheese. We dine at White Spot a fair amount relatively since I usually am out trying new stuff. I guess the family-friendliness of it all works for us, particularly the Pirate Pak for the kiddies. However, each time we are here, I longingly watch my kids enjoy the Pak while I'm left out in the cold. How I wish to be under 10 years of age once again... Well, Viv thinks I'm permanently juvenile so I guess that is not a stretch. No Pirate Pak for me... until now!

On August 18th, White Spot is once again doing Pirate Pak day. For the first time ever, there will be an ADULT version of the Pirate Pak. Starting at $9.99 with the Legendary Burger, you get endless fries, coleslaw, soft drink, ice cream and that precious gold coin all served in... wait for it... the same paper pirate ship! Nostalgia! Reliving your youth! Be a kid! Whatever you call it, I call it an awesome idea. What is even more awesome is that for every Pirate Pack sold on August 18th, $2.00 will go towards the Zajac Ranch for Children. It is a longtime B.C. charity dedicated to bringing a summer camp experience to children with serious medical conditions. These deserving kids are given the opportunity to participate in activities including horseback riding, swimming, water sports, canoeing, arts and crafts, archery and much more.

When White Spot contacted me (and many other bloggers as well) about spreading the word about this event and fine cause, I had no hesitation. Furthermore, I'll be honest. I'm completely biased since I grew up with the Pirate Pak and it is very dear to my heart. So I grabbed the whole family and headed out to the Georgia & Cardero location for a sneak peak of the adult Pirate Pak. As such, White Spot was gracious enough to comp all of our meals. For my pak, I ended up with a Monty Mushroom (add $1.49 for the mushrooms and cheese). Viv decided on the Mediterranean Chicken. I'm not sure if that is exactly available as an option on the 18th; but the B.C. Chicken Burger is on the menu for sure. Presented exactly like a Pirate Pack should be, there was a definite novelty factor. With refillable soft drink and fries, ice cream and gold coin, this is actually a very good value. Too bad they don't offer the adult Pirate Pak as a menu item! As per usual, my son made it clear he wanted the Mac 'n Cheese. Oh and he also made it very clear that he wanted the gold coin too. My daughter did the more classic Pirate Pak with a Cheeseburger.

For an extra $3.00 bucks, you can add their Blueberry Pie. Knowing that my daughter is literally the blueberry monster, we got an order. She practically ate the whole darn thing. My son would take a week to accomplish that... if he actually ate fruit. How fun was that? I had a Pirate Pak! It's been a loooong time since I could say that. Make sure you do the same on August 18th, it'll be fun and it's for a good cause. For today (and on the 18th), I didn't have to live vicariously through my kiddies and have evil thoughts of stealing their gold coin.

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